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Life Insurance Awareness Month Images. 4 life insurance awareness month marketing ideas But, the reality check we’ve gotten with the pandemic means we need to talk to everyone about life insurance now.

life insurance awareness month images
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Check out these ways you can. Danica patrick is a paid spokesperson for life happens.

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Danica patrick is the national spokesperson for life insurance awareness month 2017, and her services were retained by life happens. Despite the fact that people generally recognize the value of life insurance, limra research shows 46% of americans are uninsured and many more do not have enough coverage.

Life Insurance Awareness Month Images

Here are some facebook images and descriptions you can share to spread the word.If your clients use social media or watch television, they’ll probably see liam advertising, priming them to the idea of life insurance.Insurance is one of those things we forget about until we need it, kind of like a spare tire.Insurers have paid out $865 billion in claims since 2000, according to a press release from the american council of life insurers.

It’s easy to join in, and we hope you’ll use the free shareable social media images we created in this kit.It’s a way for a family to replace lost wages when an income earner dies.It’s national life insurance awareness month (liam) and the perfect time to discuss life insurance with your current and prospective clients.Life happens created and coordinates the life insurance awareness month (liam) campaign every september.

Life happens is an organization dedicated to educating consumers on financial products and topics.Life health > life insurance.Life insurance awareness month (liam) is a great time to reach out to those you know about the importance of life insurance.Life insurance awareness month (liam) isn’t just valuable for consumers… it presents a huge.

Life insurance awareness month is a nationwide campaign created in 2004 by life happens.Life insurance awareness month usually falls in september, but because the message rings especially true this year, the 2020 campaign will run from july to september.Life insurance can conjure up dark images.Life insurance social media posts for life insurance awareness month use any of the text below with any of the images on the following pages.

Life insurance will pay the beneficiaries named by a policyholder in the event of that policyholder’s untimely death.Many people are jarred into realizing the importance of buying life insurance after a close friend or family member passes away, or even after hearing a news story about a tragic death.National life insurance awareness month.Opportunity for insurance agents, too!

Post images from events, team building exercises, any company related image or a catchy image with content.See more ideas about life insurance awareness month, life insurance, insurance.Select from premium life insurance awareness month of the highest quality.Sell life insurance at new business.

September 11 and life insurance awareness month by allison bellSeptember is here, and you know what that means!September is life insurance awareness month (liam), a nationwide effort put on each year by lifehappens, a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness about life insurance to help more families get the protection they need.September is life insurance awareness month, an initiative run by life happens — a nonprofit dedicated to educating consumers about the value of life insurance and other aspects of financial planning.

September is life insurance awareness month, giving you a great opportunity to creatively connect with clients and prospects.September is life insurance awareness month, which gives us a reason to talk about a subject that some try to avoid.September is life insurance awareness month.September is life insurance awareness month.

Some 75 million american families have a life insurance policy.This is why national insurance awareness day exists and is celebrated every year on june 28.This september, however, she will be front and center talking.This september, we’re all about life insurance awareness, in support of the yearly campaign.

Use the life insurance promotion kit to market.Use this pdf presentation to train your.We’re committed to providing you with engaging life insurance content for the campaign through september.You can also visit to download more shareable materials to use this september.

You can celebrate with us — and boost your sales numbers in the process.