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Malpractice Insurance For Addiction Counselors. Addiction counselors, allied healthcare professionals, clergy and pastoral counselors, hypnotists, marriage and family therapists, mental health counselors, occupational therapists, peer recovery support specialist, physical therapists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, psychiatrists,. Addiction is one of the most misunderstood areas of mental health.

malpractice insurance for addiction counselors
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Alcoholism and drug abuse counselors are a brave group who battle the damaging grip of narcotics, prescriptions and illegal substances. All membership is processed and maintained through naadac.

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American professional agency, inc (apa) American professional agency, inc :

Malpractice Insurance For Addiction Counselors

For a general liability policy that includes malpractice insurance and that has a $1 million claim.General counselors or those who have unique certifications can still find malpractice insurance for counselors through a few insurance companies:Hpso malpractice insurance for counselors provides complimentary coverage to students who are members of aca (american counseling association).If a client, their spouse, or parent/guardian files a complaint or lawsuit, malpractice insurance for counselors / psychotherapists.

Important information purchasing group fee notice a $25.00 annual purchasing group fee needs to be added to your premium to helpIn these litigious times, counselors / psychotherapists are encouraged to carry professional liability insurance (or malpractice insurance) to safeguard from a claim or lawsuit as well.Individual aca professionals with a premium of $100 or more are eligible for a 10% aca membership discount*Malpractice insurance for mental health counselors, marriage and family therapists,independent clinical social worker and addictions counselors.

Malpractice insurance isn’t only for medical professionals.Malpractice lawsuits against counselors can cost an average of $46,921 ( understanding counselor liability risk.Membership in the alabama association of addiction counselors (aaac) and naadac (the association for addiction professionals) is now done at the national level thru naadac.More information about the apa, inc’s program for malpractice insurance for addiction counselors can be found in “frequently asked questions” in the forms and information section.

Most students can also purchase insurance coverage while they are in school and working as an intern or completing their practicum.My annual malpractice policy in california for my practice costs $126.Over 10% of people over the age of 12 in the us today suffer from addiction, and addiction is an illness.Please include this additional premium when remitting your premium.

Professional liability insurance for counselors, therapists, psychotherapists, social workers & psychologists.Professional liability insurance for counselors.Professional liability insurance, also called malpractice insurance, can provide the protection your therapy or counseling practice needs to continue offering its services while resolving a legal matter.Provides insurance coverage to psychologists, addiction counselors, clergy counselors, bodywork counselors, rehabilitation counselors, and mental health counselors.

Provides professional liability malpractice insurance for:Serving the needs of the addiction treatment community for over 25 years, the program curr.Since it is both difficult to treat and.Some states have more favorable legal climates than others.

Sterlingrisk’s professional liability insurance program for addiction treatment counselors provides comprehensive malpractice insurance at an affordable price.The american professional agency, inc.The following information is not advertising.The state in which you practice.

There is no way to help each person who suffers with addiction.They also provide coverage for assault.This policy provides liability coverage related to:West virginia law requires insurance companies to charge all policies written for its residents a surcharge of.55%.

What is professional liability insurance for counselors / psychotherapists?When you join naadac your membership information will then be forwarded to aaac.While fraudulent acts and property damage are not covered by professional mental health counseling liability insurance, this.Who can obtain malpractice insurance coverage?

With malpractice insurance in place (commonly know as professional liability and errors and omissions (e&o)), you can shield yourself from these frivolous claims.• a range of policy limits of liability are available from $200,000/$600,000 to
$2,000,000/$4,000,000 for professional and business liability insurance.• the first year total policy cost for a full time addiction counselor, with limits of liability of $1,000,000/$3,000,000, is only $115.00.